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Stand Up & Choose Life Over Fashion

Joshua Woods was only 22 years old when he was shot and killed...over a pair of Air Jordan shoes. No mother or family should lose their loved one over their sneakers. Shoes, clothes, and jewelry come and go, but a human life is irreplaceable. Are you going to let this story go unheard? Or will you take a stand and let your voice be heard?

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Raise Awareness

Do we really have to lose another human life, especially that of a young adult or child over a pair of easily replaceable shoes?Stand Up

Reach Nike

Joshua’s mom, Dazie Williams, wants to reach Nike to help to implement change to prevent these crimes from occuring.Help Us Reach Our Goal

Stand Together

There really is strength in numbers. Together we can all stand together and choose life and stop these vicious crimes together.Stand with Life

Protect the Children

Our children are our future. No mother should have to feel the pain of losing her son over his shoes. Protect Our Children
  • Joshua Woods

Joshua Woods

  • April 22nd, 2013

Joshua Woods was a caring, respectful, responsible, and loving young man who worked hard […]